Shuttle Laps

Oh you need a pick up? Shoot i’m gunna need to turn around…. Our crew treats sled bumps a little differently, offering each rider 3 runs and swapping. If you swap every run you kind of burn more time and ass logistics through gear swapping. It works for both parties to do 3 in a row really, the skier or snowboarder gets 3 attempts to stick their trick.

All We Want For Christmas

All we want for Christmas is more blower days. Riding the Polaris Axys through December was great but we were consistently trading technical riding with repetitive bottom outs and spikes rebound on the stock with suspension platform. Can’t over tighten the springs cause you’ll lose your top for rider initiation and shake out your kidneys in the process. Heavier PNW snowpack also played into the trenching behavior of this machine. You can ask @dane.caldwell, oh I owe you lunch.
What a difference fresh legs on an Axys can make; the Mo Pros Suspension Tune is rider balanced and math for specific riding style. Getting our tune in here has turned this sled into a scalpel for aggressive mountain riding and boosted confidence even more on this machine. Additionally there have been significantly less sticks and that means more energy to rip :)
On this Christmas Day we couldn’t ask for anything but a true backcountry mountain sled that absolutely rips. We good and we goin riding; again. 13 days straight.

The Pack It Bracket

The Pack-It Bracket refinement doesn't stop when it comes to strap management. Nobody should look like a kook sledding around the backcountry with straps pinned up in the air and flapping all around. It's messy, interferes with loading gear, and catches in the snow contributing to ice build up. 
The new Pack-It Bracket has enhanced Strap Notch Overlay Technology (SNOT) which allows you to pin the ratchets against the bracket and get the lowest outer profile on your rack; tucked away perfectly within the dedicated bracket grooving. 
SNOT Technology doesn't catch and hook on snow, dramatically reduces drag in deep snow, eliminates ice build up, doesn't interfere with loading cargo, and most importantly doesn't make you look like a backcountry #jerry on sledneck only days. 
The Mo Pros Racks are the lowest on the market (even lower than a  polaris tunnel bag) and the SNOT Technology keeps your backcountry life trouble free with that sharp look.