Cram Box 3 Year Warranty

New Product: CRAM BOX 

We are happy to introduce the ‘Cram Box.’ The Cram Box is 100% waterproof with magnetic closures to line up the lid and make zipping up those waterproof YKK zippers brilliantly simple, especially with oversized tabs you can actually use with gloves.
The Cram Box features a shock absorbing padded bottom which also serves as a thermal break to eliminate heat transfer from the tunnel of your snowmobile. The sides of this bag are also insulated, ensuring cold air doesn’t enter the bag and freeze inner contents. Hmmm 🤔
Tired of webbing straps that get wet, freeze, and don’t work half way through the day? We got you covered with waterproof webbing which won’t ice up and leave you with a floppy mess either.
Whatever you’re using the Cram Box for is up to you. You can utilize it as a dedicated storage for:
1) Tool Kit and First Aid Kits
2) Gloves, Goggles, Waters
3) Hot Meal Kit with Burner and Fuel
4) Even a Soft Cooler (fill with Snow, for realz)
The Cram Box is focused on multi use, it’s equipped with a variety of loops to secure items and fold away if you don’t want to use them. There’s no rules.
The Cram Box won’t get wet, it won’t freeze, won’t mildew, and if you happen to leave it with stuff in there for weeks; simply pressure wash it out and it’s quick to dry. Leave it outside for a couple weeks; we built it not to care so you shouldn’t either.
This is the little beater bag to hold all the stuff you don’t want in your pack or want scattered around your sled in the various tiny non-functional storage options; it’s your perfect junk drawer.

Empire Bag

New Product: EMPIRE BAG

Our latest addition to the product line is the EMPIRE Bag (Patent Pending). The Empire Bag ‘Eliminates Major Problems In Retaining Essentials.’ This Bag is 100% waterproof, thermally insulated, and features an ABS rigid bottom.
The Empire Bag offers zero impact to your engine coolant temperatures because it actually rides 1.5” above the tunnel itself. This allows for continual clean fresh snow to provide the cooling your snowmobile actually needs. Too icy on the trail? Not to worry, you can even access in between the bag and the rack, loading snow on top of your tunnel, getting to those higher elevations.
The Empire Bag:
- Won’t Freeze
- Won’t mildew
- Won’t Tear
- Contains elastic storage loops
- Thermally Insulated
- Magnetic Closures
- Ground/Snow flap
It’s a rugged bag that takes road grime from trailers and won’t be ruined if you leave it outside or forget about it. Pressure wash the inside, outside, whatever. The 100% waterproof material dries incredibly fast after washing and ready for unlimited use.
A typical backcountry BackPack has 20L of storage and the Empire Bag (10L) is specifically designed to: - Increase your overall storage by 50%
- Decrease BackPack weight 50% to keep your legs fresh for maximum slayage.
The Empire Bag has a magnetic closure to line up the waterproof YKK zippers perfectly, and expandable loops to allow for securing all types of random cargo inside the bag; it’s guaranteed to not to explode anything ;) The loops are also perfect way for ratcheting straps, bundles of rope, kates real food bars, first aid kits, wrap sandwiches, or anything else. Don’t need a loop? Fold away flat and ignore them.
Each Empire Bag is also equipped with a ground/snow flap so you can empty contents on a waterproof surface for tools, goggles, gloves, or even your sandwich. 
This is your smoothest access to the hills.

Far Out -TGR Official Trailer

There’s a new TGR teaser out and it’s got this straight tear of a young sledhead who throws down huge,  Parkin Costain.
Parkin approached us last year, fired up on a rack pre-season and was thinking he was a going to film with his Dad again like the past ten years but instead he wrapped his truck with some sponsors, got picked up by TGR and then went mental. We’re stoked for this guy and new direction as well as opportunity. Looking forward to seeing you kill it on the screen! 

Tour tickets, dates, and film info at: REI presents Far Out, a ski and snowboard film that embodies the imagination as much as it does a physical space. It is the quest to seek out undiscovered realms and inspire new waves of creativity, enlightenment, and progression.


Next Up, @lafamchannel takes the reigns evaluating the information we all see and hear from inside a big industry. @lafamchannel takes a fresh approach, focusing on what’s happening inside the FreeSki industry outside of the promotional sponsorship dollars determining your viewable content. NO outside sponsor dollars to influence or jade perspectives; just raw material from the guys who procure it themselves. Think of this as the 20/20 or 60 minutes of an industry you care about; where tough unfiltered questions are presented; establishing ‘how it is’ for realz. Unfiltered, unbridled, and unresponsive to influence @lafamchannelis the next source of truth for all things skiing. Outside of pure information and truth this outlet will serve to scrub all the nonsense away from videos you don’t want to see, landing only fresh edits that make the cut; a personal spam filter away from the clutter.
Huge congrats to Team Rider Ahmet Dadali for taking this direction and not backing down. 

Product Design Standpoint

Ben Smith with a towering stance in staging ominous weather conditions. 
This shot by Josh Berman is hella mega and we can appreciate it from a product design standpoint. If you look close at the tunnel you’ll notice there’s minimal snow hold within the rack system. With the rack system not holding extra snow load that also means continuous cycles of fresh snow on your heat exchanger, keeping your engine coolant temps cooler.
This is optimal, especially as machines climb in cc’s and require more cooling power. We don’t cross bar the entire lower portion of the rack because this results in significant snow hold and additional weight on the tunnel that you don’t want; it’ll sack you down and make you trenchee McGee. Additionally, once that snow ‘bridges’ the lower cross bars and stacks on top a cavity of hot air is created on top of your tunnel which serves as a heat blanket. The then bonded snow won’t allow for new snow to cycle through, it’s just a big snow jam session.
Another negative of the lower cross bars is a rider cannot clean out the rack base OR pack snow into the base of the rack as effectively to promote more cooling, think spring.
For every action there’s a reaction and around here we track all the reactions to ensure our product design is trouble free and maximizes all consumer experiences. 

Winner of Photo Contest

Hey, wait for me. 
Could use a little less dry mtb dust and a little more over the bumper blower pow. Geoff Brown was number 1 in the door for reaching out to us almost 5 years ago for an opportunity with us; he was an early spotter in the value of the rack system. There’s only one other person who hits the number 1 and that is Austin Smith but technically we reached out to him, he was a rad enough guy to call back. Back then we were just starting up and selling online to a broader scope of customers and tiny, he who knows is Mike Yoshida  Anyways, back to Geoff; we’ve watched this guy take his own path with the Out of Service videos and episodes, handling marketing of his own content, and doing it all with his lady at side supporting him @hottiechan . Well we couldn’t be prouder of these two, they’re taking all the responsibility and taking it to the backcountry. Vanessa actually was a winner in a recent photo contest we had with this beauty shot right here. 
A huge congrats to these two for supporting one another and continuing to pursue they’re passions together. 

Traveling Has It's Perks

A fifth of the way across the country, in the right direction. Meeting great people along the way, seeing new terrain, and constantly reminded how grateful we are to even have the opportunity.

Keep It Rolling

It’s not if run out of talent, it’s when. Which in this case is rolling your sled on a double up and smoking a tree. This video shows exactly what we are about, getting the squad up and shredding in the mountains. *Notice how well the snowboards stay attached to the sled. 

Arriving To Alaska

The Last Frontier 

Team Rider Jeff Sponzo and crew made it to Alaska. These guys have been roaming the countryside and getting acquainted with their new surroundings while travel is easy, under blue skies and set up snow. We all know that it can change at any moment and get a lot harder to scope around.
No better use for the versatility of our product than the last frontier, stoked to see all the various crews taking it to tailgate Alaska this season and getting all the great feedback and sightings in AK :)

Exploring New Zones

Exploring some new grounds over the weekend. Understanding the forest service boundaries and getting eyes on terrain was the primary goal; easy traveling amongst blue skis. Hopefully we got all the hardpack riding out of the way; that was a long 60 Miles. 
More knowledgeable from the experience and definitely scoped some really great opportunities to ski, snowboard, and branch out on foot. Braaaapability was also high in points score as well.


King of the road

Sled Skiing 

Revision Skis is proud to present "King of the Road" by Mike King. Watch Mike and Frank King as they travel Northwest in their mobile homes, while searching for deep pow. The duo found the goods and were able to put together this full segment thanks to Frank’s work behind the camera while documenting Mike and his endeavors.

Scenic Mo-Pros

Oh The Places You'll Go 

What's better then a good view? A good view from your snowmobile with the chance of skiing or boarding down the mountain. Mo-Pros allows us to bring the more elaborate breakfast, lunch or dinner up the mountain so we can enjoy the views from the top eaisly.