The Pack It Bracket

The Pack-It Bracket refinement doesn't stop when it comes to strap management. Nobody should look like a kook sledding around the backcountry with straps pinned up in the air and flapping all around. It's messy, interferes with loading gear, and catches in the snow contributing to ice build up. 
The new Pack-It Bracket has enhanced Strap Notch Overlay Technology (SNOT) which allows you to pin the ratchets against the bracket and get the lowest outer profile on your rack; tucked away perfectly within the dedicated bracket grooving. 
SNOT Technology doesn't catch and hook on snow, dramatically reduces drag in deep snow, eliminates ice build up, doesn't interfere with loading cargo, and most importantly doesn't make you look like a backcountry #jerry on sledneck only days. 
The Mo Pros Racks are the lowest on the market (even lower than a  polaris tunnel bag) and the SNOT Technology keeps your backcountry life trouble free with that sharp look.

Deeper Reflection

Deep Days with certainly even Deeper Reflection.
It can be hard to articulate or even visually display the real benefit to sledding instead of going to a resort...but this image works.
The benefit of sled access is time. As a rider, you're not constantly having this looming feeling to rush; no one else is there to poach whatever you want to ride're not amongst thousands of jerry's. 
Reflection is powerful, it's extremely healthy and allows an individual to really dial in there fundamentals to improve.

Find Your Experience

Sometimes we forget about how many different sub cultures are supported by the modern marvel of a snowmobile. There’s a a lot of simple pleasures to be had out there. Find and live yours, it’s your mountain and your experience.

Ajoosta GR Small

Mary Rand with Ajoosta GR Small on her @skidooofficial iron pony. 
Mary has been catapulted into the backcountry scene lately and she’s been one hell of a fighter. We are constantly impressed with her continued composure in assessing new surroundings, adapting on the fly, and turning road blocks into success. Mary Rand has the right attitude, a humble acceptance, and isn’t going to let anything get in her way to achieve what she wants. 
So far it’s been an absolute pleasure to spend time with this lady and we admire how she can drive to meet goals, shaping the life and outcomes she truly wants.

Diamond Series Rack

Jared Smith is most certainly ready for snow. He dropped the Diamond Series rack on his Polaris snowmobile with full black out tunnel guards.
The Tunnel Guards serve a crazy value, not only does it protect your machine from wear and tear from ski boots and scuffing BUT also eliminates snow collection in the rack itself sliding right out the back of the rack.

Suspension Tune

Riding the Polaris Axys through December was great but we were consistently trading technical riding with repetitive bottom outs and spikes rebound on the stock with suspension platform. Can’t over tighten the springs cause you’ll lose your top for rider initiation and shake out your kidneys in the process. Heavier PNW snowpack also played into the trenching behavior of this machine. Mo Pros Suspension Tune is rider balanced and math for specific riding style. Getting our tune in here has turned this sled into a scalpel for aggressive mountain riding and boosted confidence even more on this machine. Additionally there have been significantly less sticks and that means more energy to rip :)

Keep It Safe

Friendly Reminder 

There’s a lot of scary things going on out there on some old snow and ice crusts; this is widespread across all mountain states. It’s easy to have POW Over-amp but keep your head on straight and make good decisions out there.
If you’re not comfortable with a group decision or direction speak up and voice your concerns. It could save you, your friend, or someone you don’t even know.
If the above doesn’t sound appealing, we encourage you to opt for mimosas, brunch, and football. Keep it mellow on or off the mountain this weekend.

Appreciate The Little Things

Parked! Sometimes after a week of straight snow you appreciate the little things. Finally reaching the skiing promised land after a blower commute.

Protect Your Tunnel

Probably a great spot for a @lacroixwater . What’s your favorite flavor? 
The Blacked Out Guards are a new product for us this season and made by the industry leading @arcticfxgraphics . The benefits of these guards are actually quite extensive. Some main highlights are: eliminates running board icing, protects Tunnel from damaged of ski boots and scratching, serves as an installation guide for a Mo Pros Rack, and and and . Well you should check out the website for the rest. 


No Traffic Jams = Wide Open Turns

Wide turns are better for pick ups. Thanks for the rides Josh Bremer
Greatness comes in so many forms but this weekend was certainly filled with greatness of fresh snow and friends. Simple forms without lines and traffic jams.

Floating The Boat

Floating the boat. With the next wave of storms inbound weather windows will be short lived. On the other hand temperature set ups seemingly leaning towards blower pow. 
Long range models are also suggesting continued storms through late April; winter is kind of on a rally phase and gaining that typical La Niña momentum :)

Pop'n and Weav'n

With the Mo Pros Rack System you can guarantee whatever you are carrying won't get in the way. Team Rider Banks Gilberti showcasing some playful style on his way out to snowboard a few backcountry lines.

Trail Break

Today’s line of sight was well, short. The riding however wasn’t short, 8 hours straight trail break mashing. Hell it made sense to get stuck because you could actually take a pee, the 686 one piece suit made that very easy. 
With the tight tree spacing and 8-10 foot dune walls around every corner, the margin of error was slim. If you can’t go around it, then hang a leg off and drive through it. The easiest form of landscaping actually and no better crew than Josh Bremer , Jake Sims and ‘Greg Wells’. Wish we had more pictures but there really wasn’t a place to stop for the opportunity, now I realize why dolphins have so much fun. 


Thankfully 686 makes bright zippers, otherwise we probably could find her.
Lots of mechanics could out of the tool box on deep days like yesterday; Geneva found those skills but also packed away a few new ones. Based on body language and high severity face shots; safe to say she’s hooked.

La Nina

Alex Dorszynski with a pinky up drinking the goods in Tahoe. 
It’s been quite a tear out there this spring, snowpack looking healthy for a change. La Niña taking it’s late season till like usual.

850 Dreamer

Team Rider Frederick norquist getting gnar on his @skidooofficial 850 dreamer. Roost city baby. 

Fire Wood

When Bae is cold and mo-pros racks are life.
Team Rider Matt Belzile always taking care of the backcountry scene.