Scenic Mo-Pros

Oh The Places You'll Go 

What's better then a good view? A good view from your snowmobile with the chance of skiing or boarding down the mountain. Mo-Pros allows us to bring the more elaborate breakfast, lunch or dinner up the mountain so we can enjoy the views from the top eaisly. 

Getting Stuck

Getting stuck HAPPENS 

When it comes to getting stuck we know the drill. It's not always brappp time we spend a good chunk of our days digging out the old sled. Whether we're stuck in a creek, too deep in pow or sometimes even a tree well we make sure to allow for plenty of digging time. Don't forget to help your buddies out. 

Hell of a Season

Wanna see what the sled access riders on the Mo Pros Team got into this season? Here's a collection of photos for you to enjoy which are all about sled skiing, snowboarding, and access with snowmobiles.

All the crew is giving it hell with the racks and it's great to see snowmobile ski racks and snowboard racks put to the test from the industries top guys.


Getting Air Time with Mo-Pros!

Above you can see team rider Ahmet Dadali Catching air with his VolkSkis attached 

Air Time Is The Best Time

The storms keep rolling in and laying down new landings pads. March is made for airs; John Spriggs with a post ski send in his Polaris snow machine. These guys catch air no matter what they're shredding whether it's on skis or snowmobiles. 


Blacked Out K2G Hardware

Keith K2G Hardware

Introducing the final touch on the new 2018 product line for mo_pros racks with: K2G HARDWARE
Starting now when you buy a mo_pros rack you receive all black hardware; inspired by the man himself Keith Gardner. 
Keith has been a tremendous asset to the mo_pros crew whether it’s within his riding on this beautiful skidoo 850 OR his obsessive drive to black out absolutely anything he owns; going to any length to attain his signature blacked out look.
Keith is passionate and for us to absorb only 10% of his passion and deliver the K2G Hardware Package is a tremendous honor. Taking the extra step and reaching for the finish line is what Keith is all about and we’re fortunate to have people like this drive exceptional change. 
When you buy a Black rack from mo_pros it’s going to show up BLACK. All black, even the washers with a guarantee never to chip, peel, or corrode. That’s the Keith way and we’re not backing down from those high expectations. 

Pack it Bracket

Systemically, the Pack-It Bracket is the connection of things which forms a complex whole. It's also not just about the bracket itself; rather the multitude of principles which are baked into the Pack-It Bracket kits. All structures work together in harmony to preform a function with the highest possible performance outcome. When you combine these stats with the other products on the market Mo-Pros has the strongest set up also with a thrown in LIFETIME WARRANTY! 

Base Camp'n with Corey Seeman

Base camp, completed. Brooke Lynn and team rider Corey Seemann spend their time sled skiing in their backcountry Teepee in Montana. Branching out from the regularly scheduled out and back program is permitted, load up and live a little. We're almost certain nothing could be more refreshing than an overnight in the mountains with great company. 

Dreaming of a Timbersled Set Up?

A proper fleet if we ever saw one. Anyone out there into a timbersled snow bike with nitrous oxide moon booster? Austin Smith showing how the rack looks on his timbersled. 




The Ajoosta GR Large fits on the Aro 120 with enough room for the mountain addiction 3.3 has Can AND room in front of the rack for the ’essentials’ bag. Leaving you an entire platform to do whatever you want. The GR Large above is Raw Aluminum in color with the Matte Noir vinyl graphic.

Ditch the Resorts?

We’re sure you heard already, Vail resorts recently scooped a handful of resorts into the ever growing enterprise; broadening the scope of the epic-pass.

You in or you out?

With the onslaught of riders storming to resorts on mobile notifications of Powder Day Alerts it’s not even a question the ‘quality of goods’ inbounds is decreasing. Even if ticket prices remained stagnant, the mass of riders would still negatively effect your definition of what a ‘quality shred day’ means to you. Maybe this organizational move gets you crunching the real numbers which make up your winter season, then balancing the quality you receive from that time and financial investment.

Get a Better and Longer Season

We performed a basic analysis a long time ago and found it’s much more worth it owning a sled and sending your own powder alerts out to the crew. Oh, and don’t forget you can’t re-sell that epic pass at the end of the season. Powder to the people!! 

Spring Time In Alaska


Spring in Alaska

The right things in the right places. Team rider Jeff Sponzo up in Alaska this past spring with all the goods for endless days of light. 

Two snowboards One rack? No problem we have you covered with more sled space to spare so you can focus on squad missions in the backcountry. 


2017/2018 Product Line

Systemically, the Pack-It Bracket is the connection of things which forms a complex whole. It’s also not just about the bracket itself; rather the multitude of principles which are baked into the Pack-It Bracket kits.

The Pack-It Bracket Kit manages all the finite procedures in an organized scheme and method; meaning all structures work together in harmony to perform a function with the highest possible performance outcome.

A bracket itself weighs less than an iPhone and the entire Pack-It Bracket kit shaves 1 pound OFF the rack in a full kit. When you combine these stats with the existing GR racks the Pack-It Bracket easily makes this setup the lowest profile, lightest, strongest, and only warranty for a consumer compared to other products on the market. 

If you’re a Snowmobiler only, as a snowmobile rack the GR racks are lower than a Polaris Tunnel Bag. 

If you’re a skier or snowboarder, who’s using the Mo Pros racks to access the backcountry and for sled skiing; pound of pound the lightest rack on the market which also has the lowest profile to be completely undetected for sled only days.

It’s been a great journey to get here and we’ve learned a lot about our consumers and ourselves. Inherently by the nature of reflection we’ve also isolated what we’re not good at and that’s compromising.

The 2017/2018 product line has absolutely zero compromises.



Rabbit Hole 686

Great times in the Northwest supporting 686 for their latest snowboard project ‘Rabbit Hole.’

The owner of Mo Pros Hooked up with team manager Patrick McCarthy for his recent creative joining numerous team riders from across the country.

  The owner of Mo Pros was on site for Pat as the snowmobile concierge shuttling riders to the top of snowboard and ski runs dropping riders off on Steve panels through technical to rain while imposter films from the bottom.

The picture below is of Mo Pros owner and Mary Rand as she dismounts the snowmobile parked on a technical side hill; unloading her snowboard from the Mo Pros snowmobile snowboard rack.



Blacked out Tunnel Guards

The blacked out tunnel guards is a multi purpose product, it serves the following 3 distinct needs

  • Protects tunnel from boot scuffing and scrates

  • Eliminates snow from sticking to the tunnel

  • Installation guide and protective mat under the rack

  • Eliminates any potential of ice and snow build up in the rack system

Beyond functionality, the blacked our guards also serve as a means to retain the value of your snowmobile. Sled skiing is hard on equipment and these blacked out guards are a perfect investment for protecting your snowmobile from the constant abuse.

It also blacks out your tunnel which is always ideal :)

The blacked our guards are specifically made by Arctic Fx, the leader in all motorsports wraps in the industry.

Do I need some big ass truck for a snowmobile?

We consistantly get this question every season and figured to set the record straight. It's relatively simple too, here's the quick math.

  • Sled: 600 lbs (with gas)

  • Trailer: 400 lbs (conservative)

  • Gear: 80 lbs

Now what car can tow 1,100 pounds? Pretty much all of them actually and all you have to be aware of is 'tongue weight' of a trailer. Tongue weight is measured by the amount of weight the trailer places on the vehicle when hitched. Every trailer needs tongue weight and you want to shoot for about 100 lbs or so; if you don't have tongue weight then your trailer will bounce off the ball; an extremely bad situation which can actually be very damaging for anyone involved.

A larger truck can handle up to 750 lbs of tongue weight and even a Tacoma can handle about 300-500 lbs depending on the model. However a single axle trailer should be moderately easy to pick up at the tongue and hitch up as a gauge for weight.

Back to cars though, any car these days can handle 1,100 pounds of towing and you're hyped because you save the cost of a big ass truck AND you're still getting out there. Depending on the vehicle, you could even tow 2 sleds on a trailer with a friend; something we personally did with a Volvo Wagon for years.

The only complexity you run into is access capability, specifically in the Northwest. We have very low valleys with pretty sharp cut offs for snow line given the moderate climate. Basically what that means is, you have to climb way up on a forest road to reach snow. In between that there could be wash outs and land slides which is only where the sled deck and truck really save the day. Otherwise, the moment you hit 3" of snow, you should be unloading your sled!

Traveling in 3" or more in a truck is useless. You can cover that ground 6x faster on a sled; it is simply more efficient.

If you're worried about turning it around, don't be. You can turn a 1 place sled trailer around yourself and re-hitch it after the car gets pointed in the right direction. A 2-place may be a little tougher but still manageable alone. Technically you always have a friend to help you cause you shouldn't be riding snowmobiles alone in the mountains!

Hopefully this article helps dissolve the misconceptions related to what's required to go snowmobiling. It's about getting out there and trust me; we all had ghetto ass sedans towing our even crappier sleds to the mountain.

Everyone starts somewhere and who cares what other people think. Just go do it!