Fresh off a stint in China, Mo-Pros Team Rider Austin Smith is back in America

Mo Pros Racks

Defining Versatility

Mo Pros Rack Systems are specifically designed to support the adventure lifestyle. Tack on all your hobbies and interests to get out in the outdoors for maximum fun.

Whether you snowmobile, fish, ski, snowboard, camp.....dream it up and the Mo Pros Racks CAN support it.

The Dodge

Throw back to this beauty who never leaves me stranded. Looking forward to podcasts and long drives.
Did you know?!?! We never entered the diesel truck market because of snowmobiling. Before Mo Pros was created, my go to vehicle was a Volvo XC-70 which was rated to tow 3500 lbs. I used to tow 2 sleds all over the country and sleep in the back with two sleeping bags (the continental West is butt cold) for weeks on end. I think people call that a tiny home now; when all we called it was ‘what we could afford.’
Anyways if you do the math a sled weighs 600 lbs and trailer is maybe half that, which means you could tow a sled behind a cutlass Buick supreme if you wanted to. Crazy part is when you hit snow you just hop on your sled!

The truck though, which is what we were talking about, was a purchase because we couldn’t camp and get our stuff dry in the northwest. Just too much wet snow and humidity in the air to dry anything. So that’s when we went to truck campers ‘tiny homes’ and spent every waking minute at a resort parking lot snowboarding or staging area sledding. We miss the Volvo and it was a hell of a lot more comfortable; but now that we have a truck you kind of gotta ‘shake what your momma gave ya’ even if you had to buy the truck yourself.
But for those truck fans, here’s what you’re looking at: 2006 Dodge #Cummins, +50hp injector, custom tranny with deep oil pan and high flow valve body, air intake, oversized inter-cooler, ram air tube, edge programmer, posi-track, variable rate front springs, Bildstein Shocks, and 4” stainless pipe from the turbo back with resonator

Work Commute

This is the kind of work commuting back up we look for.
We spent a week with the 686 crew for the Rabbit Hole movie which is coming out this month. Thankfully Brad Andrew was able to provide this photo but also his cabin. The cabin is available to anyone who wants it; total open door policy. The address is 327 Admiral Way In Twisp Washington. There’s hookup for campers and a key for the house located behind the left post in a fake plastic rock. Thanks Brad Andrew for always being a contributing citizen to pow enthusiasts everywhere. 

Rising or Setting?

Oddly enough my meal choice would be the same. Soon enough we’ll be perched up taking in what light the sun has to offer, hours before anyone thinks of getting to a resort and hours after the last soul leaves. 
The joy and serenity a simple headlamp can bring and how it’s powerful enough to unbridle you from the societal normality framework others are on.
At this juncture we’re perplexed on what to be excited about, lately it’s been about getting back to the crew and enjoying moments like this within our backcountry family.

Avalanche Fundraisers


Friends of CAIC on patrol with the mo pros rack systems. Don’t forget about your local avalanche center fundraisers happening locally near you. These guys depend on your support to keep them going and also raffle off some killer stuff to fund raise. Go have some drinks and push those dollars to a good cause! After all, you’re going to check their reports all season across various states.

Film Equipment

Cold and snowy can come anytime. Trent Bona uses the Ajoosta racks to film riders in the colorado backcountry. As shown here with his skis on one side and tripod securely mounted on the other. Everything else, well that goes in the middle. 

Precious Cargo

This image makes us smile because the Team on Mo Pros racks are rippers who get loose and hammer.

Team Rider Banks Gilberti with a confident piece of mind and getting real comfy on his ski doo 850 . 
This image speaks loudly to the product line. It doesn’t take long to build a secure trust with the Ajoosta racks. The capability to sled 100% when you’re sledding and ski/snowboard when you’re locked into bindings is the red line of expectations we thrive for and builds rider confidence. 
It’s precious cargo on board and our mission is to keep you and your equipment protected when that talent potentially runs dry.


Yellow Is The New Black

Couple bees looking for honey. Throw back to when we were waiting for the sun to poke through the clouds but never did. Oh well plenty of face shots make great memories too. 

Life Style Moves

Team Rider Jon Ware with some rooted lifestyle moves in the PNW. Wonder what contents are going in that Mo Pros rack? Showing us what a classic PNW set up looks like. 

Glory Days

What’s next? Jake Larson cranking one into a lower pow field on a glory day. Speaking of glory, is anyone paying attention? There’s a river of glory on the way to the coast and it’s about the get DEEP. April is going to be off the hook and you better start stretching if you wanna keep up with this next cycle.

Alaskan Zones

If you had one you’d know; things are just different around here. Garret Evridge  out in Alaska roaming free with not another soul in sight, except personal photographer Neil Gotschall

Cram Box 3 Year Warranty

New Product: CRAM BOX 

We are happy to introduce the ‘Cram Box.’ The Cram Box is 100% waterproof with magnetic closures to line up the lid and make zipping up those waterproof YKK zippers brilliantly simple, especially with oversized tabs you can actually use with gloves.
The Cram Box features a shock absorbing padded bottom which also serves as a thermal break to eliminate heat transfer from the tunnel of your snowmobile. The sides of this bag are also insulated, ensuring cold air doesn’t enter the bag and freeze inner contents. Hmmm 🤔
Tired of webbing straps that get wet, freeze, and don’t work half way through the day? We got you covered with waterproof webbing which won’t ice up and leave you with a floppy mess either.
Whatever you’re using the Cram Box for is up to you. You can utilize it as a dedicated storage for:
1) Tool Kit and First Aid Kits
2) Gloves, Goggles, Waters
3) Hot Meal Kit with Burner and Fuel
4) Even a Soft Cooler (fill with Snow, for realz)
The Cram Box is focused on multi use, it’s equipped with a variety of loops to secure items and fold away if you don’t want to use them. There’s no rules.
The Cram Box won’t get wet, it won’t freeze, won’t mildew, and if you happen to leave it with stuff in there for weeks; simply pressure wash it out and it’s quick to dry. Leave it outside for a couple weeks; we built it not to care so you shouldn’t either.
This is the little beater bag to hold all the stuff you don’t want in your pack or want scattered around your sled in the various tiny non-functional storage options; it’s your perfect junk drawer.