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We're beyond thankful for the editors over at Snowest Magazine and their belief in our product as a means to satisfy the varying needs of snowmobilers. Thanks to the long standing knowledge and exposure to the industry, Snowest recognizes the potential and value in the Mo Pros system; as a stand alone rack for snowmobilers; not simply a snowmobile snowboard rack or snowmobile ski rack.

Even though the popularity of the product certainly reaches into the snowboarding and skiing segment, the attachment capability is rooted to a strong foundation; the Mo Pros Rack itself. We at Mo Pros are about utility and use, recognizing the needs change day to day; with the hopes to support the changing desires others have....for a better day in the backcountry.

Below is the text from the article written in Snowest by Steve Janes


Snowmobile Rack_Sled Rack_Storage Rack_Gas Can Rack_Polaris_Skidoo

There are plenty of snowmobile tunnel storage racks available on the market. Some are perfect for carrying a small fuel caddy, others are great for carrying bags or other bulk items. But we have found a new storage rack that is totally adjustable and can compartmentalize into carrying whatever you need.

The Mo Pro GR Series racks are designed to be stronger, more versatile and more practical for snowmobiles. Whether it be packing a snowboard, chainsaw, extra fuel or anything else you may need, the Mo Pro can be adjusted or re-configured to meet your needs.
This rack is designed to fit your snowmobile tunnel. Pre-drilled holes match up to most configurations allowing you to simply bolt the rack to your snowmobile. The Mo Pro is cleverly engineered to be adjustable on mounting to your sled and adjustable as you create storage compartments.

Mo Pro has installation videos on its website to show how simple the process can be. Prices range from $199.99 to $549.99, depending on thestyle you desire. There are also accessories and graphic wraps available. For more information go to

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