Ditch the Resorts?

We’re sure you heard already, Vail resorts recently scooped a handful of resorts into the ever growing enterprise; broadening the scope of the epic-pass.

You in or you out?

With the onslaught of riders storming to resorts on mobile notifications of Powder Day Alerts it’s not even a question the ‘quality of goods’ inbounds is decreasing. Even if ticket prices remained stagnant, the mass of riders would still negatively effect your definition of what a ‘quality shred day’ means to you. Maybe this organizational move gets you crunching the real numbers which make up your winter season, then balancing the quality you receive from that time and financial investment.

Get a Better and Longer Season

We performed a basic analysis a long time ago and found it’s much more worth it owning a sled and sending your own powder alerts out to the crew. Oh, and don’t forget you can’t re-sell that epic pass at the end of the season. Powder to the people!!