Mo-Pros Water Proof Rack Bags 2019

10L 100% Waterproof EMPIRE Bag is the smoothest access to terrain you're going to find. The EMPIRE Bag cushions the ride into the hills, promotes cooling for your snowmobile, detaches easily, and low in profile. The EMPIRE bag is insulated, compliant to extreme cold temperatures (-40 F), and actually waterproof. The EMPIRE bag also won't endure freezing and thawing because it is not subject to heat cycling from the tunnel of your snowmobile.

The 7L 100% Waterproof CRAM Box is designed to store all the stuff you don't rattling around in your backpack or scattered across the various non-functional storage options on your sled. The CRAM Box is appropriately designed with waterproof webbing and aviation rated quick release buckles; capable of securing a 25 lb baby at 5G loads.