Blacked Out K2G Hardware

Keith K2G Hardware

Introducing the final touch on the new 2018 product line for mo_pros racks with: K2G HARDWARE
Starting now when you buy a mo_pros rack you receive all black hardware; inspired by the man himself Keith Gardner. 
Keith has been a tremendous asset to the mo_pros crew whether it’s within his riding on this beautiful skidoo 850 OR his obsessive drive to black out absolutely anything he owns; going to any length to attain his signature blacked out look.
Keith is passionate and for us to absorb only 10% of his passion and deliver the K2G Hardware Package is a tremendous honor. Taking the extra step and reaching for the finish line is what Keith is all about and we’re fortunate to have people like this drive exceptional change. 
When you buy a Black rack from mo_pros it’s going to show up BLACK. All black, even the washers with a guarantee never to chip, peel, or corrode. That’s the Keith way and we’re not backing down from those high expectations.