Next Up, @lafamchannel takes the reigns evaluating the information we all see and hear from inside a big industry. @lafamchannel takes a fresh approach, focusing on what’s happening inside the FreeSki industry outside of the promotional sponsorship dollars determining your viewable content. NO outside sponsor dollars to influence or jade perspectives; just raw material from the guys who procure it themselves. Think of this as the 20/20 or 60 minutes of an industry you care about; where tough unfiltered questions are presented; establishing ‘how it is’ for realz. Unfiltered, unbridled, and unresponsive to influence @lafamchannelis the next source of truth for all things skiing. Outside of pure information and truth this outlet will serve to scrub all the nonsense away from videos you don’t want to see, landing only fresh edits that make the cut; a personal spam filter away from the clutter.
Huge congrats to Team Rider Ahmet Dadali for taking this direction and not backing down.