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Can I have Mo Pros products shipped Internationally?

International shipping at a global scale. We ship anywhere that has an address and orders from any region qualify for our $20 USD shipping credit promotion.

Can I drive down the interstate with equipment secured in the Mo Pros Rack and Pack-It Brackets?

The Mo Pros racks and Pack-It Bracket are more than capable of carrying equipment at highway/interstate speeds. This applied to the back of a truck, open trailer, or sled deck; we drive loaded up to wherever the snow flies, no questions asked.

There's actually a lot of discussion around this topic, as the safest place to carry your equipment is in the Mo Pros racks while traveling. It saves on room in the vehicle and your equipment isn't slapping around in the back of the truck bed either.

Can I load my sled deck with stuff in the GR Rack or Pack-It Brackets?

Of course, we load trailers, sled decks, and leave everything secured on the rack heading down the interstate. There is actually a lot of discussion around this topic and we've determined the safest place for your equipment during transport is in the Mo Pros Rack. This is especially the case for snowboards and skis; the extra room in the cab is also a nice added bonus :)

Logistically speaking, we appreciate the time savings. There's no fussing with gear that's in the rack prior to loading or even unloading your snowmachine. A couple steps saved in a day goes a long way and makes backcountry life far easier; especially when it's raining in the Pacific Northwest.

Can I use a Mo Pros GR Rack with integrated cooling tunnels?

Yes you can. More and more manufacturers are developing integrated tunnel cooling for sled models. With this change in the snowmobile design, the Mo Pros racks integrate flawlessly into all machines with integrated tunnel cooling with support of our engineered fastening systems. This applies to all snowmobile manufacturers.

Another key piece of integrated cooling is the way it functions, as the snowmobile requires snow circulation for supporting the cooling process. The Mo Pros GR Rack features an open carriage design which supports constant snow circulation across your snowmachine tunnel providing the cooling your snowmobile actually needs. The constant snow circulation also means the rack itself DOES NOT 'hold snow' which could weigh you down in deep snow conditions. The snow is continually passing through the open carriage design and being melted by the tunnel during the cooling process; with excess snow sliding out of the back of the rack.

Lastly, the GR Rack can also be intentionally packed with snow if needed, keeping your tunnel cool for spring access or navigating icy trails. We typically pack the racks full of snow to get up in the high country during these access conditions, getting to the high country faster where the snow is good to circulate and cool :)

Can I use the LINQ Quick Release with Mo Pros GR Racks?

The Mo Pros rack is NOT compatible with the Linq Quick Release System, as extensive test results has proven the LINQ component to be a large source of failure. The Linq Quick Release is constructed of a low gauge spring and 6 mm bolt which relies on a plastic clip to retain itself in the Linq Bracket.

Utilizing the LINQ quick release will result in increase play/slop within the mount causing the rack to shift due to the weak spring (just like the linq gas cans) but heavily compromise performance in the whooped trails, deep snow, and has even comes off completely with slight torque instances; like a mellow rollover. This play/slop also can contribute to rubbing off tunnel paint and even rub hard enough to wear through the top of the tunnel if used long enough.

The LINQ quick release parts are also expensive to purchase and will drive up the cost of a racks significantly and given the performance loss, added costs, and additional height added to the rack to support LINQ; Mo Pros GR Racks are not compatible with LINQ Quick Release.

With a 6 Year streak of: no warranty claims, no failures, no damages, and a rack design which is the lowest on the market; we are proud of this proven track record. Our GR rack system will continually outperform any competition and also doesn't interfere with a rider's ability to snowmobile at all. Riding with a Mo Pros rack is completely un-noticeable during even the most technical riding situations. Around here we're hardcore slednecks and we wouldn't tolerate a rack being in the way; which means you don't have to either.

Can I use the Mo Pros GR Rack rods to lift when I get stuck?

Absolutely, the rack rods are specifically engineered to be used in all utility aspects, including lifting a snowmachine out of a trench. It's actually very beneficial to use the rods because the person in the trench can have full access to the bumper while a companion uses the rods to lift and assist. We have even picked up an entire snowmobile using a strap attached to one rod with a forklift; hoisting it completely off the ground allowing it to hang freely.

Can I use my GR rack if I change snowmachine manufacturers?

Of course, the Mo Pros rack can be adjusted to fit any snowmachine. If you decide to change snowmachine manufacturers just contact us and we'll line you up with what size rods you need. Very simple and straightforward and we support this for all our customers.

When Mo Pros rack customers switch snowmachines, they're keeping the racks and moving them from machine to machine. Our product has a very long lifecycle and we are here to support your life as those needs change.

Can I fit a Mo Pros GR Rack on a Timbersled kit?

For Timbersled snow bikes the shorter kits typically need the GR Small Rack, however you CAN mount a GR Large on the 122 ARO kit; but the rack will overhang the bumper flange a little bit; roughly 1.5". See Image Below:

This seems like an inconvenience but all our customers have told us they love having the back rods to grab onto for yarding around their Timbersleds. Whether it's moving the Timbersled in the garage, off the trailer, or getting unstuck, having the rack rods to grab on to and move your machine also saves the back from hunching over; since the rod height is a taller than the stock bumper. The rods are ridiculously strong, we yank on them all the time and even picked up an entire snowmobile with 1 rod! You can see this on our video page.

Regardless the rack size you choose, both GR Small and Large will fit the 3.3 gas cans as well.

Can I carry a splitboard pre-split in the Pack-It Bracket?

Absolutely you can. The Mo Pros products were born in the Pacific Northwest and it's very rare to get a snowboard ride directly back to your snowmobile around here; especially when touring. More realistically a rider will have to transition to split board mode and hike back to their snowmobile which is why the Pack-It brackets are designed for carrying your splitboard pre-split with skins already applied. This saves you from transitioning your board back to 'snowboard mode' when arriving back to your snowmobile because you can mount your split board like skis in the Pack-It Bracket.

Saving transitions in the backcountry goes a long way, especially when your hands are cold or wanna coordinate another drop off for a lap.

Can I use the Skidoo LINQ gas can with a Mo Pros GR Rack?

The GR racks do not fit a Ski Doo Linq gas can because the width of the gas can is wider than the width of the tunnel. However, you can use the GR Small and mount it to your tunnel in a way where you can use the Linq Gas Can with the rack, please see photos below.

We use standard gas cans with the GR Racks because it's more cost effective and easy to tie down in the GR Rack itself. If you're looking for better gas can options than just a regular gas can try a rotax pack. The Rotax packs are very affordable and extremely low profile as well. We try to use simple solutions when it comes to snowmobiling, our interest in to spend those dollars riding than buying expesive gas cans.

Click Here to Visit Rotax's Website

Can I mount the tunnel fasteners facing downward?

Yes, you can mount the fasteners upside down in the GR Rack flange. Placing the bolts upside down applies to any application except Polaris. The reason why it doesn't work for Polaris snowmobiles is due to the tunnel track mounting application. As a word of caution, you also cannot drill into a Polaris snowmobile tunnel either, due to the heat exchanger. If you have more questions about any of the above please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Can I use the rack with other tunnel bags? (E.G. BCA. Polaris, etc)

The Mo Pros racks are compatible with Mo Pros Waterproof Bags without modifications and achieve perfect integration. If a person was willing to put in the time, there could be away to make other bags work but it would take time to get the perfect fit.

Can I send you pictures using your products?

We are more than appreciative of photos or video sharing from our customers. Please email us at with whatever you wish to share and we will feature you on the website or social media.