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How do I attach a Mo Pros Rack to my snowmachine?

Attaching a Mo Pros rack is like Legos for adults, whether it's the component assemblies or attaching the rack to a snowmachine itself. The rack attaches to all machines a little differently, but our engineering team has made the rack easy to install across all machine types; without sacrificing performance in any way. We provide custom hardware interfaces for all machine types, which is why we ask what machine you have. Please see below for installation per snowmachine type:

  • Polaris - Rack mounts via track system, track bolts included (no drilling)
  • SkiDoo - Rack uses existing Linq holes with supplied bolts and model specific gussets (no drilling)
  • Arctic Cat/Yamaha/Timbersled/Yeti -
    • Place the assembled rack on top of your tunnel
    • Using the pre-drilled holes in the rack as guide drill through the tunnel.
    • Then utilize provided gussets and hardware to mount it up

No matter what machine you have, Mo Pros Racks will fit perfectly to your machine for the lowest profile appearance, maximum achieved durability, and highest quality installation results; guaranteed.

How do I attach the Pack-It Bracket to a Mo Pros GR Rack?

The Pack-It bracket is designed specifically for Mo Pros GR Racks and attaches with our custom made Blacked Out K2G Hardware. This hardware interfaces with the engineered Painless Installation Machined Plugs (PIMP System) and 2 screws from the inside of the rack for simplistic assembly. We even provide you a socket tool for the job.

How do I use the LINQ Quick Release with Mo Pros GR Racks?

The Mo Pros rack is NOT compatible with the Linq Quick Release System, as extensive test results has proven the LINQ component to be a large source of failure. The Linq Quick Release is constructed of a low gauge spring and 6 mm bolt which relies on a plastic clip to retain itself in the Linq Bracket.

Utilizing the LINQ quick release will result in increase play/slop within the mount causing the rack to shift due to the weak spring (just like the linq gas cans) but heavily compromise performance in the whooped trails, deep snow, and has even comes off completely with slight torque instances; like a mellow rollover. The Linq parts are also expensive to purchase and will drive up the cost of racks significantly. Given the performance loss, added costs, and additional heaight added to the rack required to support LINQ; Mo Pros GR Racks are not compatible with LINQ Quick Release.

With a 6 Year streak of: no warranty claims, no failures, no damages, and a rack design which is the lowest on the market; we are proud of this proven track record. Our GR rack system will continually outperform any competition and also doesn't interfere with a rider's ability to snowmobile at all. Riding with a Mo Pros rack is completely un-noticeable during even the most technical riding situations. Around here we're hardcore slednecks and we wouldn't tolerate a rack being in the way; which means you don't have to either.

How do I carry a Pow Surfer?

It's important to realize that not everyday is a POW Surf day and tough to gauge whether or not to bring it out there. If you do bring it out there, you may not even use it based on conditions. This is why we carry POW Surfers with the pad down on top of the rack, safely resting on the rods, secured with 2 Mo Pros Load Locker straps. This allows us to bring our snowboards/skis along with the pow surfer and not taking up precious real estate on the rack.

We've carried Pow Surfers like this for years and have not had issues with traveling at high speeds in whooped trails, wheelies, or rollovers. The board is safely resting on top of the rods and ready to be unloaded for use. When doubling, a pow surfer is far lighter as well, so we just carry it in our arm when shuttling runs. Makes for faster laps too.

Be advised, Aesmo POW surfers are very delicate and light weight. All our Pro Team Riders carry the Aesmo boards on their backpack as a safety measure when heading into the backcountry. The board itslef is not rigid enough to be strapped down on top of the rods. Please see this picture of Curtis Ciszek illustrating the way he brings his Aesmo into the hills; the dog is optional.

How do I tow a skier/boarder with a rope?

There are a couple options for towing skiers or snowboarders behind a snowmachine using a Mo Pros Rack. The first option is to pass a rope or attach carabiners to the rack body in the rearward rack cut outs. This makes a 'Y' in shape and promotes easy towing without the rope sliding across the rods from side to side during towing people up the hill.

The second option is to wrap a rope around both rear rods as an attachment. Wrapping the rope around both rods allows for less ability for the rope to slide back and forth across the rods while towing a skiers. Does it matter if the rope slides? Not really. The true benefit is to the machine's operator, as the pull from the weight of the skier with a rope sliding back and forth causes a jerking motion; making the snowmobile more difficult to operate for the driver.

How do I fit a Mo Pros GR Rack on wider utility sleds?

The wider utility sleds (Scandic, Tundra, Titan, Widetrack) require custom rods which are slightly larger to span the distance AND be used for heavier machines. If you require fitment for any of these widetrack models please contact us and we can arrange to have the rods made for your specific application.

How do I mount a Mo Pros GR rack on a Casmo snow bike kit?

Currently we are not offering racks which are fitted to Camso or Yeti Snow Bike kits. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience but check back in with us as we are constantly developing.

How do I mount the GR rack on a 2006 SkiDoo Summit?

The GR Rack can mount to the 2006 SkiDoo but you'll have to remove the stock tie down rails first. These rails are very easily removed from the tunnel by using a drill bit. Simply drill the rivet heads off, punch out the rivet with a nail set, and remove the stock tie down rail. If you are not sure how to remove a rivet head, it's okay; check out the below.