NEW - GORE Softshell

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MullTech Hoodie Size Chart.png
Jacket Cover Shot.jpg
MullTech Hoodie Size Chart.png

NEW - GORE Softshell


Business Upfront. Party in the Rear.

It’s Mullet Tech-Nology

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4 Way Stretch - Fleece Lined - Waterproof

The Mullet Tech Jacket is designed to be worn while you’re headed to the hill. Jump in and out of the truck in the rain, brush against a dirty sled cover, roll on the ground, climb under the deck, whatever it takes. The goal is to keep your Gore-Tex clean while your Mullet Tech jacket takes the hits.

The 4 Way stretch gives you all the mobility you need to take any work that comes your way and the fleece lining keeps your body temperature nice and warm. Classy front allows you to roll into a steak dinner with your girl and a little party in the rear for added style to let people you ain’t a stiff.

Construction and Features:

  • Waterproof 4 Way Stretch

  • Fleece Lined

  • Large Cell Phone Chest Pocket (fits iPhone 8+)

  • Deep Hood

  • Pit Vents

  • Long Arms

  • True to Size

  • Jersey Style Fit

Low Maintenance

We know you’re going to get this dirty and we want you to, therefor we made it easy to clean. Machine wash cold, tumble dry, and you’re good to go.