NEW - Hot'n Shreddy Bag

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NEW - Hot'n Shreddy Bag


Bag Ship Date October 1, 2019

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Hot’n Shreddy IS the First Sled Access Heated Boot Bag

Forget about the days when you used to snowmobile in ski boots. Wipe away the tears from cramming your feet into frozen ski boots ever again. We promise you it’s all over now.

Limited quantity available for the 2019/2020 Season

Compatible with GR Large Only

Wherever you’re going and whatever you decide to bring will always be a toasty and stable 105 degrees Fahrenheit, safe for all liners and slightly above natural body temperature. The Hot’n Shreddy Ski Bag is the future of sled and snowmobile access as we know of it today.

With the same impressive materials as our current bag line, everything is completely safe in the Hot’n Shreddy bag regardless of weather conditions. Off the mountain the Hot’n Shreddy bag is just as versatile and essential for traveling; meeting all Airline Carry-On requirements.

The Hot’n Shreddy Bag is the first heated sled access ski boot bag on the market, welcome to the new Gold Standard. Within 3 minutes, this bag outputs a consistent 105F and ensures a stable interior temperature, simulating slightly higher than body temperature and warming your ski boots (or any other cargo) while you’re snowmobiling. Powered with minimal amperage, the Hot’n Shreddy Bag only functions during snowmobile operation, if you’re driving you’re heating. The Hot’n Shreddy bag is designed so it never (under any circumstance) will drain your snowmobile’s battery.

Stash and Slide

Transitioning to skiing cannot be more accommodating, simply stash the Hot’n Shreddy bag with all your contents safely stored in any weather condition. You can rest assured your gear is completely waterproof, dry, and resilient to all elements when you’re out sliding on snow with friends.

Thermally Insulated

With heat comes insulation. The Hot’n Shreddy bag is thermally insulated to keep cold air out, warm air in, and not be impacted by the snowmobile tunnel heat exchanger. As far as the inside, well we’re just keeping that a comfy and desirable 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The insulation retains the heat inside the bag and keeps your belongings warm and just frig’n delightful!

The Hot’n Shreddy bag also rides above the tunnel with a 1” air gap, allowing air to flow freely between the tunnel and bag; providing the airflow your snowmobile needs. This design eliminates rising coolant temperatures during snowmobile operation.

Simplistic Electrical Connections

The Hot’n Shreddy Bag connects with ease through utilization of a standard 2-prong connector. Since the heat output is the same as your body temperature, you can ride with clear conscious knowing your boots will never overheat and and WILL NOT damage the molded liners. If you want to ‘turn off’ the heat simply unplug the connector and stash the chord in the dedicated bag sleeve.

Easiest Installation

As far as under the hood, the Hot’n Shreddy bag comes equipped with a plug and play wiring harness to make installation into your machine a breeze and with the maximum attainable waterproof connectivity. If you don’t want to take that on or don’t feel like it, no sweat! The Hot’n Shreddy electrical system is designed for a dealer to install within an hour, keeping your install costs as low as possible. Whether you or a dealer of your choice is taking it on, we got your back.

Triangular Webbing

Securing your boots (or any cargo for that matter) is essential to managing your contents on a bumpy ride. The interior of the Hot’n Shreddy Bag offers a super strong, high quality, triangular elastic strapping system; securing your boots with downward pressure and eliminating bouncing. This interior webbing is guaranteed not to stretch out and covered under your warranty. The consistent downward pressure also eliminates shifting, shuffling, and retains any of your cargo for all riding conditions.

Travel Ready

Off the mountain the Hot’n Shreddy supports your lifestyle, acting as the premiere solution for traveling with ski boots. The Hot’n Shreddy Bag also meets airline requirements for Carry On Baggage.

Construction and Features:

  • Compatible with the GR Large ONLY

  • Total Volume: 40L

  • Extremely Low Roll Over Resistance

  • Flat Top for Securing Additional Cargo (Verts, Gas Cans)

  • 105 Degree Output in 3 minutes

  • Minimal Amperage Draw

  • IPX7 Rated Waterproof Zippers

  • 100% Waterproof/Freeze Proof

  • 3 Year Warranty

General Specifications

  • Tunnel Air Gap, Fresh Air onto Heat Exchangers

  • Plug and Play Wiring (no splicing)

  • Fully Waterproof Electrical Connections

  • Complete Wiring Provided with Purchase

  • Excellent Interior Mold/Mildew Defense

  • Fast and Easy Removal for Off Mountain Use

  • Usable as Carrying Tote Off the Mountain

  • Meets all Airline Carry On Dimensions

Technical Specifications:

  • 100% Waterproof

  • Thermally Insulated

  • Shock Absorption Bottom

  • Excellent UV Tolerance

  • Excellent Abrasion Tolerance

  • Excellent Mildew Resistance

  • Excellent Flame Resistance

  • Excellent Chemical Resistance