Ice Scratchers

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Ice Scratches_Snowmobile_Mo Pros_Skidoo_Polaris_Arctic Cat.jpg

Ice Scratchers

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Scratcher Kit:
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Ice scratchers connect to the side of the skid rails in line with the front track shock. When traveling on semi soft or hard pack terrain, deploying the ice scratcher will actively throw snow into the tack system to lubricate the hifax; keeping your heat exchangers cool and controlling engine temps.

This piece is critical to getting your snowmobile to larger and more primitive riding areas, it also provides cheap insurance to keeping your motor cool to lasting longer and lubricate the track as it rotates around the hifax.

You can buy ice scratches as a full kit with mounting hardware OR just the replacement springs in case your got bent from loading the trailer or accidental reverse situations.

Kits Include:

  • Full Kit - Includes mounting hardware to mount springs to skid rails
  • Spring Only - Replaces one spring only and does not come with mounting hardware