Full Tunnel Protectors

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Full Tunnel Protectors


Listen to your parents, use protection.

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Whether you're style is technical riding in complex terrain OR shuttling people for sled access,  the Mo Pros Tunnel Protector kit keeps down the wear and tear on your machine, preserving resale value.

The benefits to these tunnel protectors are crazy:

  • Matte Black Vinyl for Total Chassis Black Out
  • Eliminates Snow & Ice Build Up (closed cell laminate)
  • Highest Quality Vinyl (exclusively made by ArcticFx)
  • Extra Durable and Thickness, Eliminating Scratches
  • Mild Impact Absorption (reduces possible denting)
  • Protects Layer Under Mo Pros Rack
  • Maintains Snowmobile Resale Value (simply remove & sell)
  • Installation Guide for Mo Pros Racks (perfect rack placement)
  • Available for all Sled Models