NEW - Ajoosta GR Small Mark II

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NEW - Ajoosta GR Small Mark II

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Lightest Weight & Lowest Profile

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Intuitive changes keep the GR Small the Lightest and Lowest Profile Snowmobile Rack on the Market


The GR Small offered a storage solution but in 2019/202 we gave it a little greater interior space for those few extra essentials and allows greater configuration of our 2019/2020 waterproof bags. Added length give the GR Small even more effectiveness in keeping the tunnel supported and reinforced,. Additional changes have also allowed for lower interruption of any cargo during technical riding situations.

Tapered Tip

Fact, the GR Racks are made of metal and made with highly complex processes and machines BUT that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated like a cold and emotionless piece of material. Through evaluation of sizing and various tunnel platforms we elongated the front end making sure it integrated seamlessly into your tunnels with added strength. Around here our primary focus is strength balanced with an expression of usable function; this is our form of art and we take it seriously .


A heavy sled crew out of Bozeman Montana likes to get loose on sleds, drop the hammer on skis, and go haywire on anything in between. These guys are taking racks to a level we never anticipated, so we stepped to the plate and brought in the BOZO Bar. The Bozo Bar is 25% larger and made of a new new alloy formulated for cold weather compliance. You know what they say in Montana ‘Go Big or Go Home’ and we’re in the business of full send.

No Drilling Required

Years ago we started the pre-drilled rack methodology with all integrated parts, this has manifested into drill-free integrations into various machine applications as well. When mounting a GR Rack the dedicated holes will match up with Polaris channel systems OR SkiDoo Linq Holes for strong and secure mounting results. No drilling is required and you will receive all hardware required for a perfect integration with the highest level of strength achieved.

The Ajoosta GR Small (GRS) is an incredibly reliable weapon in the backcountry, specifically designed for storing all your unique essentials. The GRS has full configuration capability for any bag or cargo solution, matching your distinct preferences and delivering that damn good day in the mountains.


  • Single Piece Construction

  • Aircraft Aluminum, Ultimate Strength

  • Configurable Rods, Locks in Cargo

  • Corrosion Proof Custom Hardware

  • No Internal Snow Hold

Easy Assembly

  • Strong Corrosion Proof Hardware

  • Stiffens and Supports Tunnel

  • No Drilling (Ski-Doo and Polaris)

  • Installation Socket Tool Included

Welcome to the Golden Rule to Sled Access!

The GR Series Racks are the most intuitive and explicitly designed racks on the market. Rest assured the Ajoosta GR Platform has been absolutely hammered by Mo Pros, so you know it's quality, performance tested, and the best. The GR Series racks have a lower profile than any tunnel bag on the market and doesn't interfere or impede your ability to snowmobile at all. The rack system's open back design eliminates snow hold weighing you down and allows continual fresh snow to circulate through the rack and cool your tunnel.


  • Polaris/Yamaha/Arctic Cat: 24"L X 16"W

  • Ski-Doo: 24"L X 17"W (Uses Linq Holes)

  • Timbersled: 24"L X 12"W

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  • Eligible for all Orders Including International

Diamond Coating Upgrade:

  • Guaranteed NEVER to Chip/Peel

  • Guaranteed Zero Corrosion

  • Increased Hardness and Stiffening

  • Hoses Off Clean, Unlimited New Car Smell



  • 2 - Aircraft Grade Aluminum Ajoosta GR Small Racks

  • 3 - Aircraft Grade Aluminum Pre-drilled Rods

  • 2 - Aircraft Grade Aluminum Pre-drilled Under Tunnel Mounting Gussets

  • All Black Plated Hardware (Military Grade Corrosion Proof Quality)

  • Installation Socket Tool Included

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