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What is the difference between the GR Large and GR Small?

Rack size does matter. The GR Large provides 10" inches of additional support, stiffening the tunnel of the snowmobile. The Large rack will also carry anything in the Pack-It Bracket 10" farther back from your feet, providing greater ability to make technical riding moves without gear interruption. This may be additionally ciritical if you are a tall person in general (5'11" +) and utilize more board space than others while riding. The GR Large is engineered to carry the weight shifted back without any problems and also provides more storage space as well, by nature of its size. If you are a more technical rider and like flying off stuff and bashing through whoops, trees, and airs....get the GR Large.

The GR Small is the lower profile platform for riders who want the minimalist light weight set up. The GR Small will fit up to a 3.3 gallon gas can and plenty for great times in the mountains. The GR Small certainly stiffens the tunnel, more so than any other rack on the market; just not as much as the GR Large.

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What is included with the purchase of a Mo Pros Rack?

We provide everything. Our goal is to make your entire experience simple and easy. You'll receive all components to the products you ordered in well labeled packaging along with specific hardware for your exact machine type. This structure allows you to achieve flawless installation and assembly of all Mo Pros Products hassle free; we even provide a single socket which can assemble all Mo Pros products.

What is the height of a Mo Pros GR Rack?

The Mo Pros GR Racks are asymmetrical; meaning the front is designed to be low at 3", allowing for maximum clearance during hop overs and other technical snowmobile riding scenarios. The rear of Mo Pros racks are slightly taller than the front, which is 4.75" in height but far enough away from the rider where it doesn't impact manueverability when riding.

For comparative purposes, the Mo Pros racks are lower profile than other industry racks and also lower than tunnel bags from: Polaris, Skinz, Ski Doo, and Arctic Cat Tunnel solutions. Typically these other options are also hard pressed to supply usable storage space, tie down capability, and elevate engine coolant temperatures since the bags directly rest on the heat exchangers.

Mo Pros racks have an open carriage design which saves weight and also keeps continual snow circulation across the tunnel of your snowmobile. This reduced snow weight/hold in the rack and keeps your engine temperatures cooler as fresh snow continually contacts the heat exchangers.

What is the length of the Mo Pros GR Racks?

Modern day snowmobiles have plenty of space for Mo Pros racks but check to ensure you have room on your tunnel if you have concerns. Start at the back of the gas tank, lay a tape measure on the top of your tunnel, and measure to the back of the tail light plastic. With this measurement you can determine the rack size which fits, see the minimum length requirements below:

  • GR Small: 14 Inches (35.5 CM)
  • GR Large: 23 Inches (58.42 CM)

What is the width of a Mo Pros GR Rack mounting flange?

The GR Rack mounting flanges are 2" wide and do not interfere with any tunnel mounting across various machine types. For Arctic Cat snowmobiles specifically, the mounting flange is narrow enough to avoid contact with any extrusions in the tunnel from heat exchangers.

What is Platinum color, is there no finish?

There is a finish. The Platinum Aluminum racks are only a reference to the color of the rack. The racks themselves have a matte clear coating on them to preserve finish quality, eliminate corrosion possibility, and add extra durability as well. When it comes to product quality, we ensure all our products are designed to last for the consumer. All of our customers keep their racks when selling their snowmobiles; quality lasts.

What is up with tunnel stiffeners or heavy duty bumpers?

As we have proven to ourselves through stupid amounts of testing and with over countless satisfied customers, we can safely communicate the Mo Pros racks do not require stiffer bumpers or tunnel stiffeners to be used in addition to the Mo Pros Rack. Save yourself the money.

We have critically engineered to the Mo Pros GR Rack to withstand the continual demands of sled access snowmobiling. The 6061 T-6 Single Piece aluminum construction (no welds) is so stiff it provides maximum tunnel support and reinforcement in both the GR Small and GR Large models.

Our racks are purpose built, with the number 1 priority of protecting your snowmobile, skis, snowboards, or any other equipment you're carrying in the Mo Pros rack systems.

What is included in the purchase of a Strap Kit?

The strap kit is sold by individual straps. As an example, if you need to purchase 2 straps then you'll need to specify a quantity of 2 in your shopping cart.

Whether you're buying 1 strap or 1,000; we are going to supply you with the straps, ratchets, ladder straps (ridgy things) and hardware to completely assemble the strap and use it however you prefer.

What is the Mo Pros return policy?

Thankfully we have not processed a return or warranty claim in 6 years. We believe this track record speaks to the high level of customer satisfaction our product continually provides. This makes it hard for us to 'know' our return policy but in case something does happen we appreciate you contact us so we can support your needs to whatever they are or what you need. We aim to please.