How to Transport Your Snowmobile Gear and Skis on the Highway


After you’ve loaded your sled up on your sled deck, now you’ve gotta figure out where to fit your skis, snowboards, and other equipment that are rather unwieldy to transport.

The Mo Pros racks and Pack-It Bracket are more than capable of carrying equipment at highway/interstate speeds. This applied to the back of a truck, open trailer, or sled deck; we drive loaded up to wherever the snow flies, no questions asked.

In addition to saving room, strapping your gear onto the back of your snowmobile frees your gear from being loose in the truck of your bed, sliding around unsecured.

When transporting your gear on the back of your sled you’re one step closer to shredding as soon as you reach your destination and unload your sled, saving on the unnecessary hassle of figuring out your gear in the snow.

For more information about Mo Pros snowmobile racks, click here or contact us.

We can only guarantee the safety of your gear in the grasp of a Mo Pros rack, for other racks please contact the manufacturer.

Feet Cold in Your Ski Boots? How to Stay Toasty This Ski Season


Skiers have all at one time or another experienced icy cold feet while on their ski trips, and no matter what you do at the time, it can seem impossible to keep your feet warm. Fret not, there are several methods to keep your feet toasty whether you’re skiing for an evening or a week straight.

Proper Socks

Growing up, I never thought about the socks I wore skiing, opting for the same socks I would wear with sneakers. This was also one of the simplest and easiest to correct mistakes I made while skiing.

How do you choose the right socks?

There are several factors to consider. First, how bulky are your socks? When skiing you should be buckling your boots tightly to protect your ankles and ski better, and if your socks are too bulky they can bunch up in the boots, constrict your leg and cut off your circulation. Opting for thinner socks can make sure they stay taut to your leg and keep blood flowing to your feet.

After you get some thinner socks, you may be tempted to double them up like you might with a jacket; however, this will reduce the breathability of your socks leaving you with sweaty feet, making the cold even worse. Modern ski boots often also have extra built in breathability, keeping your feet drier and warmer, which if they won’t be able to do as well with extra socks.

Another factor to consider is the material used in the socks, merino wool, wool, or some synthetic blends will be best to wick away the moisture and keep your feet warm.

Some ski sock recommendations are Darn Tough or Smart Wool ski socks, both of which I’ve owned several pairs of over the years and in addition to their comfort and great designs, they have both offered the great breathability you expect from good merino wool socks.

Heat Those Socks

There are several options for heated ski socks, battery powered socks that will keep your feet warm while you ski. These socks have discreet pouches for the batteries and heat your feet while still maintaining some breathability. These socks however, are also often much bulkier than the socks mentioned above, have a higher potential to make your feet sweaty, especially when skiing hard.

Hothands , the makers of some of the disposable hand warmers you might be used to slipping into your gloves also offer stick on disposable warmers for your boots that will last your whole time on the slopes and keep your feet warm. These have similar drawbacks to the heated socks, reducing the breathability of your socks. You may also find it difficult to fit your feet into your boots with these on, as they add some bulk to your socks, but these are definitely one the more inexpensive options.

Proper Ski Boots


It may seem like you’re tightening your ski boots too far, constricting your feet and reducing blood flow, however, if you don’t tighten your boots enough, or have too large of boots, you will have to clench your toes reducing blood flow.

Before worrying about if you’re buckling your boots to the proper tightness, you have to make sure you have properly fitting boots. The best way to do this would be to go into your ski or outdoor shop and try on boots to find the best fit. This will make sure you have the best support from the boot itself and not relying on the buckles to support you, leaving your foot achy and sore.

There are also online tools and boot fitting charts to help determine your size before hand.

Once you’ve acquired the perfect boots, a proper buckling technique will go a long way in keeping your feet warm. First, lean forward in your boots as if you were skiing. Then, if your skis have a Velcro “power strap” at the top of the boot, tighten that to insure the boot is snug for further tightening. Next, the most important buckle is the one closest to your ankle, the one lowest on the top half of your boot. This should be tight enough to hold your boot snug against your shin and not allow wiggle room for your foot. After this work from the top buckle down making sure they’re all snug but you still have circulation in your feet. Readjust as needed.

Heat Those Boots

The Mo Pros Hot’N’Shreddy ski boot bag is the first heated snowmobile ski boot bag on the market. This fully waterproof bag will heat your boots up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit keeping your boots and other equipment warm without the worry of warping your heat molded ski boot liners.

While it’s perfect for those who snowmobile, with easy installation it’s also perfect for anyone driving up to the slopes. Included with every Hot’n’ Shreddy bag is a 12V car adapter plug, allowing you to heat up your boots on the way to the slopes or during your lunch break.

The Hot’N’Shreddy bag is also prefect for ski racers, rushing in between races in sub zero temperatures worried about the cold where many ski racers accept that frostbite is a good possibility. Leaving your boots in the Hot’N’Shreddy bag overnight and in between races will afford you warm, soft easy to slip on boots before each race. The bag warms up in the matter of minutes, making even the smallest break an opportunity to heat up your boots. The Hot’N’Shreddy bag is also a superior option to many built in options as it reduces the need to add weight and bulk onto your boots or socks.

Another option to keep your boots toasty is to use a heated insole but they can get a expensive. These are very similar to the aforementioned heated socks, using batteries, most often mounted on the side of the boots to power insoles that you install between the liner of your boots and the boot liner. There is typically some installation required and all heated insoles don’t work with all boots, so make sure you know which one is right for you.

Mo Pros Hot’n’Shreddy Heated Ski Boot Bag

Mo Pros Hot’n’Shreddy Heated Ski Boot Bag



With the ability to carry snowboards, skis, avalanche shovels, chainsaws, fishing rods, ice augurs, guns, tents and more, a snowmobile rack provides new opportunities and frontiers in snowmobiling and making the back country your playground.

The New Hot’n Shreddy Bag is the first Heated Snowmobile Tunnel Bag on the market, letting your adventure and options roam free.

MoPros Mobile

Recently someone contacted us and said: ‘You need to optimize your mobile business strategy’ and we took that pretty seriously. We knew right then our enterprise needed to remodel our business strategy. We had an idea, a concept, but needed a little direction; so we grabbed a bad ass bottle of scotch and headed to @thewoodslayer for design review. Together we designed a an airplane cabin style mobile trailer with optimized workflow for managing gear, handling moisture, and dealing with those bumps, dings, and scratches. To us we took this new ‘mobile strategy’ exactly in the right direction and we’re hitting the road with our new mobile optimized platform. This time we linked with @mikeheni for hand delivery of his Mo Pros rack and installed it under the lit canopy in Whistler. Of course @tcullen08 @narrshredder popped in for some shred days and a couple night stay. Totally off grid, we had all the required power with no need to go anywhere. Parked. Huge appreciation to the @thewoodslayer for his input and contributions to this project, the maiden voyage saw full occupancy at 5 adults without issues. Couldn’t have done it without you 🙏

Sea to Sky Snow Days


It’s nice when trips work out, especially when border crossings are involved. Got a great crew together and all met up in Canada to hustle hostels, @airbnb, and even stayed in a 5th wheel for the small incidental cost of a couple jugs (okay maybe 5 jugs). A lot of moving around and shuffling but worth every moment; what fantastic terrain. The Canadian snowmobilers clubs and even riders are also insanely friendly and helpful, being up here as a recreational user is a true experience and the states could take some notes on management for sure. If you haven’t experienced it we would highly recommend it. Snow quality was insane during our trip, the snow was puking in Squamish down to sea level making the snow at riding at elevation dry and just delightful. If you looked hard enough there was a crust pretty far under the new snow on a south facing slope, but you could only find with your face if you tomahawked hard enough.

High Pressure

Reset inbound, here we go lads. Watch out, could be a few layers after this high pressure when this one comes in. Play it smart and keep a heads up out there. The winter isn’t over for your sled nor your Mo-Pros Snowmobile Rack.

Art + Sled Wrap

The utmost appreciation and gratitude to @dawngeretyart for making this artwork and @arcticfxgraphics for turning it into something you can physically lay over a 3D object; you guys are amazing.

Colorado Breakfast

Team Slayer @jahspriggs taking the girls out for breakfast in Colorado.
Good to be back on the sleds, hanging in the mnts with the homies... with the temps at 0 degrees when we arrived this morning, it sure felt a whole lot like winter 

Perfect For Split Boards

This is how you roll from your crib with skins on your split board pre-split, hike with friends a bit, and then load it up when you skin back to your sled. That’s 2 transitions less eh? Just ask buddy who decided to come along.

Family Shred

 shuttle his daughter to @tamarackresort for the daily shred. These two shoot across the lake and up the hill to go shred on the weekends. Not a bad scene by our standards.