Lifetime Warranty

The Ajoosta Sled Module (Patent Pending) is specifically engineered, withstanding massive amounts of abuse. Mo Pros racks are designed and built to ensure there are no damages to something more expensive; like your skis, snowboard, or even the tunnel of your machine. IF things go south out there and get gnarly, the last thing we want you to be concerned with after a freak accident is your Mo Pros rack. We have you covered.

8 Years Warranty Free

We've been doing this a long time and there hasn't been a time in 8 years where we've processed a warranty claim or even a return. Hell, we don't even have to replace parts. We're very thankful for a clean track record and even more grateful of our high customer satisfaction.

2 Programs to keep you covered

Accident Protection:

  • Applies to all components

  • Customer is responsible for shipping

Lifetime Warranty:

  • We back our manufacturing 100%

  • Customer is responsible for shipping