Start Choking on Backcountry Success

For 3 seasons Mo Pros has broken down the core principles within the backcountry snowmobiling, achieving fluid connectivity of variables; delivering an impressive suspension tune matching specific riding profiles. This systemic approach to snowmobile suspension tuning is designed for you the rider in mind.

(Service Turn Around Time: 3-5 Business Days)

The Mo Pros Tune Design:

  • Supports current riding levels

  • Enables rider skill progression

  • Promotes easier handling

  • Resist body roll

  • Smooths out suspension geometry

  • Click-able Rear Shock Tuning

Why do I need to service my shocks?

Shocks have evolved and the complexity has too. Many shocks within the past 5-8 years actually require a yearly maintenance schedule. Servicing your shocks is part of the territory, if you haven't done anything (besides look at your shocks) you definitely need a service.

How is the Mo Pros tune different than a typical shock service?

The Mo Pros tune is a small cost increase ($15) in addition to a typical oil/gas/air shock service you will receive at any dealer. The Mo Pros tune difference is how the shock handles terrain; the tune changes the shocks internal behavior. The Mo Pros tune changes how the shock accepts information, when shock talks back to you, and how loud that back talk needs to be. This is all specific to your snowmobile's suspension geometry design and your distinct rider profile (see Mo Pros Rider Profile Chart).

As an example, let's say you bought the most premium shock upgrade for your snowmobile, those shocks would still require tuning. Shocks are made for generalized riding purposes only; when buying those aftermarket shocks you're not providing rider demographics information or riding style preferences at all. That's exactly the difference with the Mo Pros tune.


What kinds of shocks does the Mo Pros Tune apply to:

  • FOX

  • Walker Evans

  • Zbroz Racing (XIT)

What else do I get with the tune?

A standard shock service is included with your Mo Pros Tune package. Once the body is torn apart, we'll inspect all internal seals, bushings, and gaskets. Replacing only what's required and getting your shock back to holding the right pressure of oil/gas/air. It's while we have that 'shock body' open that we apply the appropriate Mo Pros tuning based on rider information.

Will I need a tune every year?

The Mo Pros Tune package is based on your current riding ability and level. This tune is designed to promote success and progression for you as the rider. If you advance your skills within snowmobiling and move into a new rider profile (see rider chart) THEN you may want to consider getting a new tune on your next service schedule. If your riding performance increases, your suspension needs change. Just like when a person grows up, they'll eventually need bigger pants.....

What is typical turn around time?

Once we receive your shocks, the turn around time for service and tuning is 3-5 business days. We'll ship the shocks back to you completely ready to be re-installed.