Mo Pros Snowmobile Rack Industry Professionals

Throughout the quest to support our passions, we have thrived to serve those who use our products. Our mission and obligation to those who use the backcountry is simple, provide high performing and easy to use products; increasing the value of the entire experience.
Below are some testimonials of the Mo Pros Ajoosta Racks and how they continually serve the professional backcountry travelers.

The only fully configurable snowmobile snowboard rack available on the market, the genius lives within the designs rational simplicity and cargo handling capability

As a snowboarder, I ride with the Ajoosta rack by Mo Pros and only trust that system for my snowmobile; spending January-May riding almost everyday through strictly sled accessed terrain. Since my crew is primarily all skiers, the Ajoosta's ability to quickly transition and accommodate carry skis on my snowmobile is crucial.
With the iradic snow levels we spent lots of time routing through thin terrain, which basically means my snowmobile rolled a lot this season; with my snowboard on it. Frightening to think about, but the Ajoosta rack withstood all the beatings, no damage to be spoken for; not even damage to my ski's or snowboards in the Mo Pros Snowmobile rack either.
The requirement of riding long whooped out roads is unfortunate, but it's the tax of the game if you want that fresh alpine. The Ajoosta rack system keeps my boards and ski’s firmly secured, even through the gnarliest whoops Canadian approach trails throw my way.
If you start to see signs of gold and make it to the trees, ski's and snowboards sit nice and flush to the side of your snowmobile; making tight tree navigation and boon docking smooth as if I was riding without a rack on your snowmobile at all. This Mo Pros rack is Simple and Solid, and it's my Backcountry Tool.

The Mo Pros is an awesome rack if your looking to get the monkey off your backpack. I carried my skis for years, with no complaints, just a few shredded backpacks, but having a snowmobile ski rack as solid as the Mo Pros, with a spot for two pairs of skis and gear, is a game changer.

Carry all the shit you need miles from warmth and be the hero that brings extra water, gas, food, beer... whatever

Get a Mo Pros snowmobile rack, thank me later; with that extra beer :)

At the Bridger-Teton National Forest Avalanche Center we use our sleds to service our network of 17 remote automated weathers stations located in Western Wyoming. We haul tools, batteries, jugs of antifreeze and other equipment all season long with our snowmobiles. We have been doing this for 14 seasons, but usually the racks we used in the field either bent or just break. The Mo Pro racks are very versatile, super sturdy, and meet all our needs.

My Mo Pros Snowmobile snowboard rack has transformed my snow machine. Before I would have to bungee my gear to the tunnel, which is basically a junk show. With my Mo Pros snowboard rack, I'm an asset to the crew I ride snowmobiles with. When it comes to get getting the job done, my sled is the typical shuttle rig and gear loader; it's about being out there and getting the job done right.
I don't ever have to limit myself either, I can bring multiple sticks up, ski's, gear, at anytime. With the Ajoosta rack, there are no compromises; your united with your snowmobile in the backcountry.

 I have used various home made and aftermarket snowmobile ski racks over the past few years while sled skiing in the backcountry. Everything seemed to always just be a bandaid solution, becoming dismantled from use over time; but this last time I got myself the Mo Pros Ajoosta Sled Module.
Let me tell you, Mo Pros makes the nicest, most durable, and easy to install snowmobile ski rack on the market; by a long shot. Never used anything which delivered so consistently and without complications. We at Panda Poles pride ourselves on customer service and the Mo Pros guys are just top notch. The service is there and the rack is hands down the best, most affordable rack you can find. Big thanks to Mo Pros for keeping the stoke alive and helping me an my team in our endless search of snow!

"Since I dropped on my Mo Pros Ajoosta set up it's opened up an entire new world of possibilities. The ability to throw a snowboard and set of skis on either side of the same rack without any adjustments is pure class, delivering quicker shuttle lap times on my snowmobile.
The ability to pack my snowmobile full cargo and 'goodies' makes day trips way more fun along with week long trips less primitive. With the pack mule days behind me, my backcountry lifestyle is 10 times easier and faster.
This season was the driest on record, we saw plenty of dirt, rock, mud riding, and stream crossing to reach into zones and inevitably beating the hell out of our sleds. Mo Pros takes on the elememts, their racks have proven to be indestructible, no matter what we throw at them. Wish we can say the same for the front end of our sleds..... guess they call them snowmobiles for a reason!


Yep, I remember the days of pack’n a snowboard or skis across my back, we referred to it as ‘crucifix style.’ Problem is, your gear slaps against trees when trying to reach the high alpine, the load stress on your back is more than expected, and doubling with passengers is absolutely impossible. If you happen to make it to fresh alpine pow, tree inspired binding loss usually was the next check of your new situation; definitely lost a few bindings along the way in my day!! With these complications I started making my own racks out of chunks of wood and raggy old snowboard straps, this worked periodically well but had one other issue; it never really held a board!! Other friends of mine came along with their own versions of tiny structures, holding boards well sometimes, but never any other room for packs or gear.

With our Mo Pros snowmobile snowboard racks, you get complete adjustability to lock your board and ski’s down proper AND carrying other things like: your backpack, smelly children, and whatever else you might need……which in my case is
an AK-47, push shovels, and machetes. Wait, you don’t bring that stuff?... Another benefit of the Mo Pro rack is it adds strength to your tunnel for support, carrying all your backcountry paraphernalia without bending your tunnel.

If the adjustability isn’t enough for you, you can also carry your board with bindings facing inward, which means you don't lose them on a tree while weaving in and out of the woods or draggin during rowdy pow turn
maneuvers. My Mo Pro rack freed my spine from carrying any weight too, leaving plenty of energy for more critical things like: building jumps, hiking, and digging my friend's snowmobile out of a tree wells all day."

After seasons of fighting with bungies and constantly losing/breaking my skis on washboarded trail approaches, I finally dropped into a proper carrying system. Most of the systems I looked at didn't fit my needs which were: carrying either 2 pairs of skis on my snowmobile with 4 poles OR 2 snowboards, minimal interface with running boards, durable, and of course sexy with a quick & easy installation.
The crazy thing is (on top meeting all my needs) I get to carry my POW surfer on my Mo Pro rack whenver I want without having to pick what stays at home, I bring it all out there; no other rack system does that.
A friend of mine actually told me about Mo Pros snowmobile snowboard racks, making that rack system investment has turned out to be the best money I've spent on my sled-ski setup. I didn't lose my skis once this season, even after rolling my sled multiple times on mulitple occasions.
The Mo Pros snowmobile ski and snowboard system is quick to operate, painless to use, and ski's don't get in the way of my feet while sledding either; my only regret is not buying the rack sooner.

The Mo Pros snowmobile racks are light weight but also more durable than other racks, which typically give out over time. This breakage is from use in extreme weather and/or hard wear and tear situations (i.e. Triple kick flipping your sled down a mountain). The Mo Pros Snowmobile ski rack uses quality parts, much better than the traditional plastic straps; which become cold, brittle, and difficult to manage.

The Mo Pros ski rack is a far more reliable tool and critical component of my backcountry travel, it's an essential part of my days out sled skiing.

The Mo Pro snowmobile rack is the snow-sliding genre peacekeeper, keeping my snowboard safe during sledding. The Snowmobile rack also provides equal ski OR snowboard carrying performance on either side of your snowmobile, at any time, without additional adjustments.

As a photographer, carting equipment and athletes into the backcountry is a continual requirement. The Mo Pro rack supports and stiffens the sled tunnel for carrying more gear, keeping that gear out of my backpack and light while sledding.

Having a completely secure way to carry two snowboards into the backcountry on my snowmobile has been a game changer. Any tool you can use to improve your trip to the backcountry is worth it, my new and improved storage capability put the lunch game on point, I eat like a king.


The 2014/2015 winter was different for me, the majority of the time was devoted to Canada and sleeping in parking lots with my truck camper; focusing solely on sled skiing. Along with the new found lifestyle shift, my snowmobile got shift too; away from the homemade ski rack and into the Mo Pros rack scene. With the year I had, I couldn't be happier with the switch, along with the overall performance!

The Mo Pros Ajoosta rack design proves itself through constant versatility. If I want to go skiing alone, I can set up the Ajoosta rack to carry one ski on each side; keeping my skis tight against my sled and of course out of the way. If I end up having a group of 2 or even 3, you can put a pair of skis and a snowboard on the rack super easily and whatever bag your travel guests require.

Living in the parking lot staging areas this season has definitely put the Mo Pros rack through the paces. My Ajoosta rack saw long whooped out approaches to the alpine everyday and it has held up through it all! The versatility is there, the ease of use is there, it's got crazy functionality, and it's all back by some impressive durability. All important criteria to hit with a product, but I forgot to mention it's even affordable.

Mo Pros snowmobile racks won't disappoint!