Press Release - Mo Pros Mountain Equipment

Immediate Release, September 5, 2016

Mo Pros Mountain Equipment - New Ajoosta GR Series Rack Platform

A Stronger and lighter rack system offering greater performance and configuration versatility.

Bellingham, WA - Mo Pros Mountain Equipment announces, for the 2016/2017 season, a formal release of the Ajoosta GR Series snowmobile rack platform; a completely universal platform integrating with any snowmobile and snowbike chassis, market-wide.

The new Ajoosta GR Series rack was developed for optimizing backcountry user needs with greater versatility and performance. Significant enhancements with the Ajoosta GR Series are:

  • 40% Lighter - Lightest Rack on the Market

  • 150% Stronger - Reinforcing Machine Chassis

  • 2 Inches Lower - Lowest Rack on the Market

  • Flawless Integration - No Drilling Required

Polaris_Skidoo_Ski_ Rack_Mo Pros_backcountry_Snowboard_snowmobile_rack_united_factory_cheetah_Adventure_gear_1
Polaris Ski Rack_Mo Pros_backcountry_Snowboard_snowmobile_rack_united_factory_cheetah_Adventure_gear_2

The new Ajoosta GR Series rack was created to align across a wide range of user group demands. Snowmobilers and snowbikers expect a versatile rack system for backcountry access and skiers/snowboarders require accessory attachment capabilities to carry external devices securely and safely. The GR Series racks surpass all performance requirements.

Polaris Ski Rack_Mo Pros_backcountry_Snowboard_snowmobile_rack_united_factory_cheetah_Adventure_gear_3
Polaris Ski Rack_Mo Pros_backcountry_Snowboard_snowmobile_rack_united_factory_cheetah_Adventure_gear_4

The GR Series racks unmatched durability and ease of use sets a new direction in snowmobiling and snowbiking accessories. All GR Series racks can be customized to distinct user preferences for carrying any internal cargo or external devices, like skis and snowboards. Backcountry enthusiasts can change the GR Series Rack configuration by moving support rods anywhere within the design. Everything on the Mo Pros GR Rack system is engineered to support consumer's distinct preferences and needs, without hardware interference.

Polaris Ski Rack_Mo Pros_backcountry_Snowboard_snowmobile_rack_united_factory_cheetah_Adventure_gear_10
Polaris Ski Rack_Mo Pros_backcountry_Snowboard_snowmobile_rack_united_factory_cheetah_Adventure_gear_7

Our mission at Mo Pros is to produce the lightest and strongest configurable rack on the market. All GR Series rack features serve multiple applications to the backcountry enthusiast, for example:

  • Energy transferring cut outs reduce tunnel torque while serving as bungee cord fastening positions and dedicated strap passages

  • Distinct hole positioning for brackets also serve as adjustable cargo bays

  • Asymmetrical rack design can be mounted backwards or forwards

  • Cargo backstop doubles as a handle for lifting assistance when stuck

Polaris Ski Rack_Mo Pros_backcountry_Snowboard_snowmobile_rack_united_factory_cheetah_Adventure_gear_11
Polaris Ski Rack_Mo Pros_backcountry_Snowboard_snowmobile_rack_united_factory_cheetah_Adventure_gear_20

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