The Dodge

Throw back to this beauty who never leaves me stranded. Looking forward to podcasts and long drives.
Did you know?!?! We never entered the diesel truck market because of snowmobiling. Before Mo Pros was created, my go to vehicle was a Volvo XC-70 which was rated to tow 3500 lbs. I used to tow 2 sleds all over the country and sleep in the back with two sleeping bags (the continental West is butt cold) for weeks on end. I think people call that a tiny home now; when all we called it was ‘what we could afford.’
Anyways if you do the math a sled weighs 600 lbs and trailer is maybe half that, which means you could tow a sled behind a cutlass Buick supreme if you wanted to. Crazy part is when you hit snow you just hop on your sled!

The truck though, which is what we were talking about, was a purchase because we couldn’t camp and get our stuff dry in the northwest. Just too much wet snow and humidity in the air to dry anything. So that’s when we went to truck campers ‘tiny homes’ and spent every waking minute at a resort parking lot snowboarding or staging area sledding. We miss the Volvo and it was a hell of a lot more comfortable; but now that we have a truck you kind of gotta ‘shake what your momma gave ya’ even if you had to buy the truck yourself.
But for those truck fans, here’s what you’re looking at: 2006 Dodge #Cummins, +50hp injector, custom tranny with deep oil pan and high flow valve body, air intake, oversized inter-cooler, ram air tube, edge programmer, posi-track, variable rate front springs, Bildstein Shocks, and 4” stainless pipe from the turbo back with resonator