Cram Box 3 Year Warranty

New Product: CRAM BOX 

We are happy to introduce the ‘Cram Box.’ The Cram Box is 100% waterproof with magnetic closures to line up the lid and make zipping up those waterproof YKK zippers brilliantly simple, especially with oversized tabs you can actually use with gloves.
The Cram Box features a shock absorbing padded bottom which also serves as a thermal break to eliminate heat transfer from the tunnel of your snowmobile. The sides of this bag are also insulated, ensuring cold air doesn’t enter the bag and freeze inner contents. Hmmm 🤔
Tired of webbing straps that get wet, freeze, and don’t work half way through the day? We got you covered with waterproof webbing which won’t ice up and leave you with a floppy mess either.
Whatever you’re using the Cram Box for is up to you. You can utilize it as a dedicated storage for:
1) Tool Kit and First Aid Kits
2) Gloves, Goggles, Waters
3) Hot Meal Kit with Burner and Fuel
4) Even a Soft Cooler (fill with Snow, for realz)
The Cram Box is focused on multi use, it’s equipped with a variety of loops to secure items and fold away if you don’t want to use them. There’s no rules.
The Cram Box won’t get wet, it won’t freeze, won’t mildew, and if you happen to leave it with stuff in there for weeks; simply pressure wash it out and it’s quick to dry. Leave it outside for a couple weeks; we built it not to care so you shouldn’t either.
This is the little beater bag to hold all the stuff you don’t want in your pack or want scattered around your sled in the various tiny non-functional storage options; it’s your perfect junk drawer.