Winner of Photo Contest

Hey, wait for me. 
Could use a little less dry mtb dust and a little more over the bumper blower pow. Geoff Brown was number 1 in the door for reaching out to us almost 5 years ago for an opportunity with us; he was an early spotter in the value of the rack system. There’s only one other person who hits the number 1 and that is Austin Smith but technically we reached out to him, he was a rad enough guy to call back. Back then we were just starting up and selling online to a broader scope of customers and tiny, he who knows is Mike Yoshida  Anyways, back to Geoff; we’ve watched this guy take his own path with the Out of Service videos and episodes, handling marketing of his own content, and doing it all with his lady at side supporting him @hottiechan . Well we couldn’t be prouder of these two, they’re taking all the responsibility and taking it to the backcountry. Vanessa actually was a winner in a recent photo contest we had with this beauty shot right here. 
A huge congrats to these two for supporting one another and continuing to pursue they’re passions together.