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Recently someone contacted us and said: ‘You need to optimize your mobile business strategy’ and we took that pretty seriously. We knew right then our enterprise needed to remodel our business strategy. We had an idea, a concept, but needed a little direction; so we grabbed a bad ass bottle of scotch and headed to @thewoodslayer for design review. Together we designed a an airplane cabin style mobile trailer with optimized workflow for managing gear, handling moisture, and dealing with those bumps, dings, and scratches. To us we took this new ‘mobile strategy’ exactly in the right direction and we’re hitting the road with our new mobile optimized platform. This time we linked with @mikeheni for hand delivery of his Mo Pros rack and installed it under the lit canopy in Whistler. Of course @tcullen08 @narrshredder popped in for some shred days and a couple night stay. Totally off grid, we had all the required power with no need to go anywhere. Parked. Huge appreciation to the @thewoodslayer for his input and contributions to this project, the maiden voyage saw full occupancy at 5 adults without issues. Couldn’t have done it without you 🙏

Choosing the right Snowmobile or Snowbike Rack

Making purchasing decisions can be hard, especially when you're trying to differentiate based on true needs. However, when choosing a snowmobile cargo rack there are a couple things you want to consider.

Here's a couple considerations to think about:

  1. Riding Level and Aggression

  2. Carrying Capacity Needs

  3. Fusion of both 1 & 2

Let's begin with 'Riding Level and Aggression,' if you're an aggressive snowmobiler who spends a long days in the mountains, your strategy should be to keep your backpack as light as possible. This way you don't burn energy hauling gear around all day, especially when freeing up your friend who gets stuck all day.

Any of the Mo Pros snowmobile racks will eliminate weight from your pack, but if you're looking to stay low profile, haul a snow bungee, tool kit, first aid kit, lunch, etc........then try: Ajoosta GRS

**Carry Just the Essentials**

The GRS rack is designed to be compact, light weight, reversible, and serve as a functional storage solution for your snowmobile; keeping the weight out of your pack, your legs fresh, and providing long riding days is the goal. Versatility is critical, Mo Pros Snowmobile racks configure exactly how you want them to, tailoring to your specific needs. The Mo Pros snowmobile racks are also very easily removed (6 nuts) and fit Polaris Snowmobile Channel Systems and Ski-Doo snowmobile LINQ System without Drilling.

What if I'm an aggressive rider, with a serious backcountry agenda?

Well the Mo Pros Racks definitely support those who have a more serious plan in the mountains. If you're hauling camera equipment, supplies to the cabin, duffel bags for overnights, coleman stoves, a case of beer, chainsaw or anything else you could basically imagine.......then you need to step up the game and go with a larger snowmobile cargo rack solution.

If you want to stay light, sled aggressively, and carry all the eggs in the basket, then you need the: Ajoosta GRL

**You got the tunnel room, use it"



The larger model Ajoosta GRL is a functional rack which supports and strengthen the tunnel of your machine; allowing you to ride as aggressively as you want; with the security of keeping everything on board and not over stressing your chassis. You don't need to spend big money on snowmobile tunnel support, bigger bumpers, or other reinforcement accessories; the Mo Pros snowmobile cargo rack gives you what you need for the job; without compromise. 

The multitude of strapping and fastening options means you can transform your snowmobile into anything you can imagine, timely and efficiently. Until you actually get one, you won't understand how your options are truly limitless....we continually hear this from our customers.

Okay I get it, but I'm NOT aggressive and just want to have fun, now what do I need?

Mo Pros Snowmobile cargo racks don't only apply to the aggressive snowmobiler. If you're strictly a trail rider who likes to get out and spend time in the outdoors, then the consideration should come down to storage capacity. In that situation you probably don't want to have a backpack at all and should determine your cargo carrying needs to best make decisions on what model Mo Pros Snowmobile Rack is best for you.

All the benefits and features mentioned previously in the article are relevant, even to the most novice rider. Just be aware that you also get all the same supporting and functionality benefits as well; which is a platform that can easily support any riders progression.

Here's an easy break down:

  • You're not a functional snowmobiler, carry some essential things, out for a rip - Ajoosta GRS

  • Aggressive sledder, wanna bring a proper lunch, Stanley Thermos, Extra Layers - Ajoosta GRL

It may not be about performance benefits at this juncture, but you do get to choose how much you want to upgrade the backcountry experience. When it's spring time, we all know who's going to be grilling hot dogs in the sunshine.

Enjoy it out there, it's the experience we all live for.