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High Pressure

Reset inbound, here we go lads. Watch out, could be a few layers after this high pressure when this one comes in. Play it smart and keep a heads up out there. The winter isn’t over for your sled nor your Mo-Pros Snowmobile Rack.

Art + Sled Wrap

The utmost appreciation and gratitude to @dawngeretyart for making this artwork and @arcticfxgraphics for turning it into something you can physically lay over a 3D object; you guys are amazing.

Colorado Breakfast

Team Slayer @jahspriggs taking the girls out for breakfast in Colorado.
Good to be back on the sleds, hanging in the mnts with the homies... with the temps at 0 degrees when we arrived this morning, it sure felt a whole lot like winter 

Perfect For Split Boards

This is how you roll from your crib with skins on your split board pre-split, hike with friends a bit, and then load it up when you skin back to your sled. That’s 2 transitions less eh? Just ask buddy who decided to come along.

Family Shred

 shuttle his daughter to @tamarackresort for the daily shred. These two shoot across the lake and up the hill to go shred on the weekends. Not a bad scene by our standards. 

Long Days Make Better Sunsets

Team Rider @benjamingoertzenreconnects with friends in Montana after a long haul of traveling for his continually growing wildlife film career. Not a bad place for sharing stories, beers and headlights... 


Revelstoked Indeed. 
I think we all experience a realization this weekend, the freedom to which these sleds provide us as skiers and snowboarders. So we packed up the truck and rolled 4 deep, embarking on a 2 day smelly boys trip with the only goal of making sure our riding time exceeding our drive time. Out in the PNW the snowpack is rather thin so traveling to get some action was the best call. A new place, with new terrain, a foundational group dynamic, and minimal expenses is exactly what went down. Comparing expenses, this exact trip with all things the same but taking out the snowmobile with gas and replacing it with a nearby resort and we’d be $175 more in the hole per person. Thankful to be on the right side of things.


I don’t see any ice or snow build up on those running boards, do you?
Cheap insurance to keep your tunnel protected and shedding water would be utilization of the Tunnel Guards we built out with @arcticfxgraphics which are ultra thick and shed water and snow so fast it doesn’t even have time to build up.
That means saving your boot soles from constant snow clearing all day and eliminates that delightful morning ice chipping. Why? Well nothing sticks to closed cell laminates; of course that’s what it is made of.
Peel it off when you sell your machine and you’ve got a pretty sled to protect resale. Boom boom.

Shop Day

Saturday’s are for projects. @blake_bowerman with a proper build in his @polarissnow . Tunnel guards to eliminate ice build up on the boards and a Mo Pros Rack for maximum slayage.