Buying a Sled to Bag More Lines

Are thoughts of grandeur about buying a snowmobile and heading out to the backcountry with friends rattling your brain cage?..... we don't blame you.

However, before you get out there and begin the reign of terror amongst any and all snowy regions, check out the article recently published over at Mountain Weekly.

The article speaks to some of the common misconceptions which fall in line with owning a snowmobile, maintaining one, and of course trying to use it.

Just piloting a snowmobile on it's own is tricky, but going skiing or snowboarding with one is quite the different animal.

We found the Mountain Weekly article extremely accurate and also a useful guide for being successful in your efforts with taming the mountain pony.

The article features excellent reasoning about:

  • Snowmobile Size Selection
  • Risks to Sharing Snowmobiles
  • Skipping the Helmet to Save 50 Bucks
  • Respecting Skills and Progression
  • Equipment Carrying Strategies

At this point, if you're not convinced enough to read the article then that's a 'Faux Pas' in itself.

So get on with it and check out The Five Faux Pas of Sled-Skiing to start making situations like these photos more manageable.